Harrett's assertive draft horse


Vontune came into Harrett’s possession at the start of the Blight. Though young and skittish when she found him, she was able to earn his trust with food and gentle singing. Some investigation lead Harrett to the burning farm of his previous owners, victims of darkspawn ravaging, so she took Vontune to be her own.

He proved an invaluable companion in the chaos to come, carrying her from her family’s farm to her master’s forge in Redcliffe quickly and safely each day, and alerting her to threats before she would have noticed them herself. Harrett’s life has been saved many a time thanks to Vontune’s sharp whinny, or sudden deviation from his directed course.

Now, he pulls Harrett’s cart of supplies as they travel as part of the Warden’s caravan. Though he has matured into a creature of considerable size and power, Vontune is still a sucker for slices of apple and a thorough brushing. Harrett is fastidious when it comes to her horse’s care, and can be heard singing softly as she attends to him each day.


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