Zenna Glavonak

burn it down


Your first impression of Zenna wasn’t great. In fact, it was pretty terrible: the first time you walked into a room she was in, she immediately said, “Get out,” without even sparing you a glance. And if you didn’t leave immediately, she said it again, louder and more authoritatively until you turned and walked back out. And if you had the guts to try to wander into that room again, the exact same thing happened every time.

(If you ask someone about it, they’ll tell you that she’s just like that. If you ask the Warden, she’ll laugh and explain that it’s because there are sixteen barrels of Qunari black powder stored in that room – enough to blow up half of Antiva City if someone sneezed on the barrels too hard – and that Zenna probably didn’t want to be disturbed while she was re-packaging it into smaller containers. Didn’t Carver put up that Do Not Enter sign yet?).

Suffice it to say, Zenna has the peerless skill with explosives that you’d expect from a demolitionist bearing the Glavonak name, but none of the madness of her famed uncle Dworkin. In fact, she takes much more after her father Voldrik: stern, cautious, precise, and never quite satisfied with the quality of her results, no matter how much they impress everyone else. If her family is known for big bombs (and little care for collateral damage), explosives of her own invention are much more exact: never more boom than is strictly necessary, and always with five fail-safes, an over-cautious blast radius, and all the requisite safety equipment, obviously. She cares about doing things right and doing them safely, but you’ll know she cares about you the day she hands you a pair of goggles, puts a hand on your chest to push you a step back, and tells you to be careful instead of just kicking you out of the room before she lights a fuse.


Zenna Glavonak

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