Yannis Dennesar

She'll drive you to drink, but at least she's paying


Yannis Dennesar

Human Warrior
Level: 6
Background: Fereldan Freeman
Age: 23
Height: 6’3"
Languages: Trade Tongue/King’s Tongue

Health: 72
Speed: 12
Defense: 14
Armor: 5
Armor Type: Light Mail

Communication 0 Animal Handling
Constitution 3 Stamina
Cunning 0 Natural Lore
Dexterity 4 Initiative
Magic 0
Perception 2
Strength 5 Climbing, Bludgeons, Intimidation, Might
Willpower 3 Courage

Weapon Groups: Brawling, Bludgeons, Bows, Axes, Light Blades
Stunt Bonus: You can strike so fast in combat that your weapons are a blur. You can perform the Dual Strike stunt for 3 stunt points instead of the usual 4.

Weapon Attack Roll Damage Short Range Long Range Reload Time
Two-Handed Maul 3d6+7 2d6+8
Battle Axe 3d6+5 2d6+5
Unarmed 3d6+4 1d6+5
Long Bow 3d6+4 1d6+5 26 52 minor

Berserker (Novice): You can drive yourself into a killing frenzy. First you must use the activate action to enter the Berserk mode. You receive a +2 bonus on Willpower (Courage) and Willpower (Morale) tests while in this mode. You also receive a +1 bonus on your damage rolls in melee combat. However, you suffer a –1 penalty to Defense and to Perception tests while Berserk. You return to normal at the end of the encounter or if you force yourself out of the mode with another activate action.

Talent Rank Effect
Two-Handed Style Master Move target 2 yards, Mighty Blow for 1 stunt point, can re-roll damage
Unarmed Style Novice Inflict 1d6 damage when attacking with fists
Armor Training Novice Can wear leather and mail armor without penalties to DEX
Carousing Novice When making CON (Drinking) tests, gain +1 bonus to the result of each Dragon Die


Traveling Clothes
Horn (hunting)
Blanket (wool)
Rope (20 yards)
Rations (travel)
Flask (metal)
Torch (5)
Plate (tin)
Knife (skinning)
Bucket (mabari puppy)

8 82

Yannis is hard to miss. Over six feet tall and equipped with a booming voice that carries through even the thickest of walls, Yannis certainly isn’t shy about announcing her presence. She was already in Antiva City by the time you get there, having arrived with the Warden, and it’s not long before she’s clomping over to introduce herself. Her smile is broad and genuine, and she tells you she’s always jazzed to meet a new friend.

It’s obvious she’s excited about the mission; the prospect of going up against hordes of darkspawn puts a hungry glint in her eye and turns her smile dangerous. And looking her over, it doesn’t seem like her confidence is misplaced. Bulging muscles and the huge two-handed maul strapped to her back make a convincing argument not to mess with her.

It doesn’t much matter if you listen though – Yannis wants to mess with YOU. If you look strong, she’s challenging you to an arm-wrestling contest. If you look quick, she might try to talk you into a brawl (boasting about the skills she’s honed under Assara’s tutelage). If you look like a mage…well, to be honest she probably won’t notice. And if she does, she won’t mind. You’re both on the same team and that’s all she cares about. Lucky for you, Yannis makes a pretty good meat shield, although it isn’t intentionally for your benefit. She just likes being the center of the enemies’ focus and being able to draw attention away from her squishier friends happens to be a bonus.

In the month before the expedition gets underway, Yannis can usually be found at the bar, talking at her new bestie Coop (and drinking a staggering amount of alcohol), palling around with her other new bestie Zady, exploring the city with her mabari puppy Bucket, or getting on Assara’s last nerve. Collecting random crap seems just as important to Yannis as collecting friends, and she’ll get unreasonably excited about finding things like empty sacks or balls of twine. It’s a good thing she’s so strong, because you imagine no one else will be able to lift her pack when it’s time to head out.

If you’ve been around for any length of time, you’ve probably heard stories about Yannis’s violent temper. You were also probably given this advice: when Yannis storms off in a rage, don’t follow her. She’ll come back when she’s calmed down, but until then…well you may remember seeing some cracked tree trunks and shattered rocks on your way into the city.

Yannis Dennesar

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