Who The Fuck Is This Guy

Kind of a creep


No, seriously, who the fuck is he? He’s been here since you got to Antiva, and it seems like he’s never more than about six feet away from the Warden, but he never takes off the damn cowl. You’ve never seen his face, you’ve hardly heard him speak (and when he does, it’s monosyllabic – answering direct questions from one of your advisors), and you don’t even know what his name is. The Warden and Nathaniel call him Warden, which is confusing as hell, and Carver just calls him Fuckface.

And, like, it’s not like your group is entirely made up of upstanding citizens, here. More than a few of you are laying low and playing it incognito, but this guy is so undercover, it’s making him stand out like a sore thumb. Who is he, and what the hell does he have to hide?


Who The Fuck Is This Guy

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