Your friendly neighborhood necromancer


Parill is a wanderer from a Nevarra clan of Dalish elves, set out on a journey to “find herself” by the other mages. So far, she’s found lots of things in the world and loves all of them. She knows that technically she’s homeless and has nowhere to go back to, or else bring mage hunters upon her clan, but she’s yet to let that stop her from having fun and making new friends.

As she fended for herself and traveled the lands, Parill discovered her favorite thing in life IS life! And the inevitable end of it. She says this realization came to her the first time she watched the light leave a person’s eyes from the business end of her arcane lance after an attempted mugging.

She bears the markings of Falon’Din on her face and is very proud of them. Depending on how you feel about her, her wide shoulders and tall figure (for an elf and a mage, she’s built like a truck) can either be a source of warmth and great hugs or a looming figure of an elf too eager to see what your souls looks like removed from your mortal form.

Parill says the culture is different in Nevarra, where raising the ghosts of loved ones is a good thing and gives others closure. She’s all about helping out in her own special way, unless you ask if she’s ever raised the ghosts of her own past to achieve that. It’s a good way to get her to stop talking and walk away if you ever need it.

Recently, she has joined the mage rebellion, after meeting up with some like-minded, but not of similar interest, mages. Parill hopes that taking a ship to Antiva with this group will satiate her wanderlust-filled heart and bring her many fun memories.



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