Nathaniel Howe

Silver fox, deadly shot, dry sense of humor


Nathaniel Howe is a bit of a mystery. He doesn’t talk much, and when he does, it’s in a deadpan – pithy and dry, but you’re not quite sure if he’s just bitter and cynical, or if he’s actually really funny. At 41, he’s one of the oldest members of the expedition, but you’ve never seen him try to pull rank. In fact, he and the Warden seem close – like siblings or favorite cousins. If you’re from Ferelden, that might seem odd, since you’ve probably heard rumors that his father killed her whole family, and that she executed his father and had his family stripped of their land and titles, but it doesn’t really seem like the kind of story you should ask about. But at least in the time you spent in Antiva City, she’s the only person he’ll crack a smile for. They both call each other “Commander,” which is confusing as hell, but strikes you as an old joke. If you ask her, she’ll tell you it’s because he was the best damn Warden Commander Ferelden has ever had. If you ask him, he’ll tell you it’s because she fucked off and left him in charge of a burnt-out Keep… but he’ll smirk a little when he says it.

You don’t notice it until the first time you fight alongside him, but Nathaniel is so soft-footed he can disappear without a trace if you aren’t looking straight at him. In combat, it makes him deadly, and at base it’s just a little jarring – sometimes he’s there, sometimes he’s not, and his presence is so unobtrusive you might never notice the swap. He’s also a hell of a shot with a longbow, and you suspect his arrows are packing something a little more lethal than just an arrowhead. In a fight, Nathaniel loses what little air of nobility he has, blending into shadows and killing ruthlessly and efficiently. But around the war table, he shows a keen mind for strategy that pegs him as more than just a good assassin, and tends to offer a more roundabout, strategic options to counter Lillian and Carver’s direct and cautious approaches.


Nathaniel Howe

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