Booty booty booty rocking everywhere


Lorenzo should be a mentor to children everywhere, he thinks. He says never to let people make important, life-changing decisions when they’re young, especially horny and dumb. If you let them do that, the next thing you know is you’re in an elected official’s bed with him and he’s passed out from the light poison you slipped in his drink so you can go through his stuff, and thank the gods he’s a lightweight or else you’d have to use the knife tucked in your garter and NOBODY wants the night to end like that, bud.

But that’s just a hypothetical situation, he jokes. If it wasn’t, then you would know too much and he’d have to kill you. Kidding! He hates doing something so unsavory as needlessly taking life. He won’t kill you unless you can name the man from the story whose information he stole for Crow purposes.

A charming and scantily-clad rogue, Lorenzo insists he’s got a heart of gold and the stamina to go for the gold as well. He’s an all-around, jack of all trades kind of guy, and it suits him just fine. Not that many people get to have the full Lorenzo experience; he’s out of most of Antiva’s price range, he says.

He doesn’t bring it up much, but he was bought by the Crows as a child and raised for their purposes. As a teenager, he was told to pick a specialization to work in. Not really knowing the tedious details of sex work and being a slobbering teen boy, he chose rather rashly and oh look, we’re going back into the unconscious elected official territory again.



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