Cheap, counterfeit Eryolle


Imagine Ery. Now imagine Ery, but 1100x more of a crybaby. That’s Lindel.

He’s a scaredy-cat and coward who cries at the first sign of adversity and doesn’t stop crying until five days later. It’s really a wonder he still manages to see anything, considering he’s always sobbing about something. If you ever need to find him, all you have to do is follow the sound of sniffling and hiccupping.

Aside from not having any guts or a backbone, Lindel also doesn’t have any life goals or aspirations. He’s only part of the expedition because of his cousin, Assara (bless her patient heart), whom he follows around like a particularly pathetic puppy. Lately, he’s been trying to give his cousin a bit more space, since she probably wants to spend more time with her girlfriend, but it’s hard.

Even though he knows that Assara loves him, not being able to cling to her all the time for comfort is rough. Well, at least he thinks she loves him. Right? … Assara?



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