Lillian Cousland-Theirin

Please don't call her Queen


Lots of people call Lillian “hero” but the title has never sat well with her. She believes – and will argue unto her dying breath – that she was just in the right place at the right time, and that she only did what anyone would have done in her place. Other people might argue that she’s been in a lot of right places at a lot of right times, or that not everyone was raised with the diplomatic and combat skills of the highest ranking noble family in Ferelden, but if you argue it to her face, you’ll get a lecture about the humble origins of some of history’s most fabled Grey Wardens – a lecture that she’s fine-tuned over the last decade to be as boring as possible so neither of you will have to hear that bullshit twice.

Her critics, of whom there are more than a few, have plenty to say as well. That she engineered a hostile Grey Warden takeover of the Ferelden throne; that her supposedly heroic actions have overstepped the boundaries of her station, even as the queen; that she’s a negligent and spendthrift ruler who’s either going to bankrupt the country or invite invasion because she’s rarely actually anywhere near the throne. For them she has a cheerful smile and one simple answer: she’s pretty sure that killing an archdemon earned her the right to marry the man she loves, and if you’d like to take care of the country’s problems yourself, you’re more than welcome to it.

The only praise she’ll take for her so-called heroism is what she sees as the truth: that if she sees a problem, she’s going to try to fix it; if someone’s in trouble, she’s going to try to help; and if someone she loves is in danger, she’ll burn the fucking world down to keep them safe. From her critics, she accepts one compliment as well: That she does what it takes, no matter the cost. Because some things just need doing.


Lillian Cousland-Theirin

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