Larken Lavell

Jaded templar, Corinne's babysitter, need dat lyrium


My dear friend, Lillian,

You cannot possibly imagine how happy I was to receive your letter. I had heard rumors that you’d disappeared out of Denerim, but that’s not so strange for the Hero of Fereldan, is it? I must admit your expedition sounds intriguing, but before I give you my reply, I’d like to update you on the path the Maker has deemed fit for me.

After you fearlessly rescued Corinne and I from the abominations and demons running amok in the Fereldan Circle, I decided to take my friend and charge away from the Blight, to Kirkwall, where I had heard they were accepting refugees. I had heard rumors about the Circle there, and thought it might be a good place to settle Corinne down. I was wrong, very wrong. She immediately had her head filled with tales of a “mage underground” and I believe worked with some apostates to help mages of the Circle escape, not to mention her fleeting friendship with the Champion of Kirkwall and, though I have no solid evidence, her involvement with the Carta. In addition to that, the Warden Commander seemed to be losing her mind, as you’ve no doubt heard by now. Luckily, Corinne and I made it out of the city before the explosion at the chantry.

We were on our way to Orlais, where I hoped the Circle would be more agreeable, when we received word that the mages were rebelling. Corinne insisted on joining “the cause,” despite my advice that we stay out of trouble. Of course, by then, there was nowhere for us to go. The Chantry would never have believed me that she was a docile mage ready to heed their word. Corinne had caught the taste of rebellion, and she was lost to me. She ran off to Redcliff, and I found myself in Denerim. I thought of rejoining with my brothers and sisters of the templar, but facing Corinne… I was too worried I would have to slay her. In the final days before our split, we were fighting constantly—about the future of mages, about lyrium, about her shady dealings and dishonesty. Perhaps separation was for the best.

And now I receive your letter. How you found me, I have no clue, though I suppose I have not been hiding my presence as much as I should have been. I confess I thought of burning the pages and cursing your name—another adventure? Haven’t there already been enough to last a lifetime? But then I realize, what better place for Corinne to be than with the Hero and Queen of Fereldan? As I send this letter off, I make my way to Redcliff to collect my little runaway, and I assure you we will meet you in Antiva. Please await us, and thank you for thinking of us. Really, you might have saved us both.

Forever your ally,
Larken Lavell

Larken Lavell

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