Harrett Dennesar

Oblivious blacksmith, Yannis's older sister


Harrett Dennesar

Human Warrior
Level: 1
Background: Fereldan Craftsman
Age: 27
Height: 6’4"
Languages: Trade Tongue

Health: 40
Speed: 11
Defense: 12
Armor: 4
Armor Type: Heavy Leather

Communication 1
Constitution 3
Cunning 1 Evaluation
Dexterity 2 Crafting
Magic 0
Perception -1
Strength 5 Smithing
Willpower 1 Self-Discipline

Weapon Groups: Brawling, Axes, Bludgeons, Heavy Blades

Weapon Attack Roll Damage
Forge Hammer 3d6+5 1d6+8
Longsword 3d6+5 2d6+5
Battle Axe 3d6+5 2d6+5
Talent Rank Effect
Dual Weapon Style Novice Using the activate action, gain either a +1 bonus on melee attack rolls or a +1 Defense bonus vs. melee attacks until the end of the encounter. Can switch the bonus with another activate action.
Weapon and Shield Style Novice You get the full Defense bonus when using a shield.
Armor Training Novice Can wear leather and mail armor without penalties to DEX
Quick Reflexes Novice Once per round you can use Ready as a free action on your turn.


Traveling Clothes
Shield (medium)
Tongs (forge)
Anvil (portable)
Nails (25)
Paper (5 sheets)
Vontune (draft horse)

1 2

Harrett had been a blacksmith in Redcliffe for over a decade when the Warden’s letter came. They’d first met a year prior, when coincidence led to the Warden saving Harrett’s father and step-mother from becoming collateral damage of the Mage-Templar War in the Hinterlands. True to the promise Harrett made at that time, when the letter came she packed up her forge and took her place in the caravan to Antiva City.

Though very adept at her chosen field, Harrett’s single-minded focus tends to make her rather unaware of her surroundings. In addition, years of smithing has left her hearing permanently damaged, and though she doesn’t acknowledge it, her long-distance eyesight isn’t great either. These handicaps don’t affect her skill has a blacksmith however, and so she pays them little mind. Just know that you might have to put in a little extra effort getting her attention.

Harrett prefers conversation that is straight-forward and to the point; she does not appreciate subtle hints at meaning, and is particularly disapproving of dishonesty. Though she would rather settle conflicts peacefully, Harrett will take up arms to defend herself or her companions. She believes in the Warden’s good intentions, even if she has not been made fully aware of her plans, and has sworn to put her talents to good use helping the Warden achieve her goal.

Harrett Dennesar

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