Corinne Vallin

Frisky mage, thinks she's a rogue, loves secrets


To find Corinne, one simply has to follow the sounds of either indignant shouting or rebellious ravings. This mage is as fiery as her mane, full of spunk and a will to change the world.

Corinne is Fereldan born. Her gift was discovered when she was young, when she froze a boy in town picking on one of her friends. The templar came not too long after and dragged her away to the Circle. There she made friends, but mostly enemies among the templar for her wild spirit and inability to focus on her studies. It seemed highly likely that she would be made Tranquil, if not for a promising young templar who stood up for her.

Larken and Corinne seemed to be an unlikely duo. The templar was studious, pious, and honorable, while the mage was sneaky, passionate, and carefree. However, Corinne’s jovial enthusiasm often made Larken less aloof, and Larken’s self-discipline inspired self-control in Corinne. They seemed to bring the best out in each other.

When the Circle fell during the Blight, the templar spoke of the Right of Annulment while Larken fought off wave after wave of demons and abominations, determined to keep her charge safe and get Corinne out alive and intact. Things appeared hopeless until the Hero of Fereldan arrived and saved them both.

After that, the two struck up a brief, whirlwind romance. They escaped to Kirkwall together, where Larken hoped to join the templar there and keep Corinne in the Gallows. During that time, Corinne rekindled an old friendship with a certain rebellious mage, and together they worked the mage underground. Corinne also managed to create some Carta contacts, but kept this knowledge secret from her lover. Larken always suspected, but never had any proof.

When Meredith became crazier and crazier, Larken decided to take Corinne out of the Circle and the city, for fear that her shady dealings would come to light and the mage would be made Tranquil. They escaped Kirkwall right before the Chantry’s explosion. After that, Larken insisted the two travel to Orlais, to join the Circle there.

Along the way, Corinne began to voice concern. She believed she would be better off fighting alongside her own kind, rather than be locked away in yet another tower. Larken insisted the Circle was the safest bet, but Corinne disagreed. After days of explosive arguments, the pair decided to separate for the first time since their meeting; Corinne went to Redcliff, and Larken went to Denerim. Through her remaining contacts, Corinne managed to send lyrium to her friend in the city, who was staying out of the Conflict. During this time, Corinne racked up incredible debt with the Carta, and began looking for a quick way out. Luckily, that’s when Larken arrived with a letter from the Hero of Fereldan, promising adventure and riches and a cure for the Taint. And, Corinne hoped, a place to hide from her debtors.

Corinne Vallin

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