Carver Hawke

Everyone's obnoxious little brother all grown up


Your first impression of Carver Hawke is that he’s kind of the junior member of your advisory crew. Everyone calls him “kid” (to the point that it probably took you a week to figure out what his actual name was), and no one ever bothers to track him down, they just bellow for him (and are answered by a loud, disgruntled, Whaaaaat? ). But he’s not actually that much younger than the other Wardens, and when they all sit down to strategize, it’s not like he’s on the outskirts of the conversation – they seem to listen to him and respect his opinions. Well, except when they send him off to get tea for the rest of them (and he groans, looking to the sky and demanding someone be accountable for his grave mistreatment).

Since he gets stuck with most of the grunt work, you see more of him than the other three, but even though he complains about it, loudly, he doesn’t actually slack off, and he’s always ready to give a hand to anyone who needs it. If you were in Antiva City for more than about a week, you probably caught him sitting next to the fireplace in the inn, reading a letter or writing one and wearing a sad, tired smile that makes you wonder if he’s not a few years older than he looks.


Carver Hawke

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