Yannis's furry child, Assara's well-trained warhound


On their way to Cumberland for The Grand Tourney, the party Yannis was traveling with came upon a young woman with a cart of mabari puppies being attacked by bandits. The group sprang into action and dispatched the bandits with ease. Once the girl was safe, she explained that she was heading in the same direction, with the intent to sell the puppies during the tournament. The party decided to escort the girl the rest of the way to Cumberland, and when they reached the city, she gifted Yannis a mabari puppy as thanks.

Yannis adored the puppy as soon as she first laid eyes on it. To keep it safe in the busy streets, she carried it in a bucket tied to her belt, and it was Assara who eventually suggested that the puppy be named after this mode of transportation.

By now, Bucket has outgrown his bucket (it was a very bittersweet day for Yannis), though he is still fairly young. Assara started training him as soon as the chaos of the tournament finally calmed down, and has high hopes for him once he’s full-grown. Yannis prefers to spoil the little guy rotten, provoking half-hearted objections from Assara when she feeds Bucket pieces of meat off her plate or lets him jump into her lap. Thankfully, Assara’s strict discipline keeps Bucket from developing lasting bad habits.


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