Astrid Embladotten

friendly avvar throwing it in with the lowlanders


One morning, Astrid woke up and realized, as the boat rocked back and forth, that she was not prepared for the lowlands. Once coming to this conclusion, she promptly threw up. The shores of Antiva could not have come quicker.

Astrid is from an Avvar tribe, off in the Frostback mountains. Born the daughter of the clan augur, she had a fascination with magic from a very young age. However, no magic ever manifested for her personally. The young girl took it in stride, although pouting definitely was involved during her early teenage years. Instead, she found her place with the hunting birds. Astrid had natural talents with the falcons. Part of her just understood the birds and they seemed to understand her. For many years, she apprenticed under her tribes falconer before taking over his role once she was in her twenties.

Life in the tribe was pretty dang nice. Astrid particularly enjoyed their celebrations, full of laughter and alcohol and stories. Oh, and let’s not forget the competitions! While she often didn’t participate in them herself, there was nothing better than cheering from the sidelines. Then, of course, later telling tales of what happened, usually in more grandiose ways then it truly went down.

Which is what leads to the question of what drove her to leave her home and head for Antiva in the first place? That would be Imira. Nine years ago the mage had shown up in the Frostbacks and was taken in by Astrid’s tribe. Astrid befriended her rather easily and as they got older, their friendship grew strong. When the mage rebellion began, Imira had left. Astrid, dutiful to her people, had stayed with the tribe, understanding that Imira, too, was doing what she had to do to look out for her own people.

When the Breach opened in the sky, two years later, Astrid left her people to go find her best friend in Redcliffe. Then, before she knew it, she was signing on to the caravan and making her way to Antiva with the promise to help. And if there’s one thing the Avvar never break, it’s their oaths.

Astrid Embladotten

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