So done with your shit


Assara doesn’t talk much about her past, and by “much” I mean she doesn’t talk about it at all, ever, period, and if you ask about it, she’ll slip right out of the conversation like a goddamn eel. If you have a single subtle bone in your body, though, you can read between the lines: she’s definitely not Dalish, and when she gets irritated (which is not infrequently) or particularly animated (which happens less often), she tends to slip into a Tevinter accent. Unless you’re really dense, you can probably figure out that she used to be a slave, and judging from her stiff, guarded politeness around mages, you can guess that probably her experiences with magic users haven’t been the best.

She’s generally quiet and a little reserved, content to blend into the background and be forgotten about in most social situations – more the type to watch and listen than to speak up. When there’s work or fighting to be done, though, she tends to take charge, and can be a bit impatient (and very vocal) about getting things done and doing them right. She and Yannis were among the last to join up with the Warden and the first to arrive with her in Antiva, and consequently Assara more-or-less put herself in charge of getting the expedition organized and ready to head north. It earned her the dubious title of taskmaster for the B-team, in charge of keeping the operation, well, operational while everyone else is down in the deep roads, as well as scouting to make sure the base stays secret, safe, and secure while the heavy hitters are below ground.



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